November 23, 2009


I promised you progress pictures of the house- and you are actually going to be able to tell that progress was made these past 2 days! The small things are finally finished up, and now the part that I love, which is the painting the large walls! Makes such a huge difference!

The is the master bedroom The color is still wet here, so it will most likely be a couple shades different. I'm really love it. Michael is still a little hesitant about it. He will learn to love it too!

Another shot of the master. I love the white trim with this color. See I knew all those coats of paint and back aches would be worth it!

The color looks so different here, but this shot is taken from the hallway.

The hallway, with the brown coming in from the living room.

The living room from the front door. Notice the dining room from hell in the background...

more shots of the living room! I love it!!

The big window in the living room. I love this color in this room, and the white trim!

Next, I will be working on the hallway and the guest room! Hopefully that will be completed tomorrow!

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