November 23, 2009


A lot of the preparation work is now completed- which is great :) I find that stuff so tedious and anxious to get the good painting going. Here are some pictures of our ups and downs of the process...

This is a nightmare! I tried to start peeling off the border for the dining room, and found that it was on wallpaper that has been painted over! This right here is the very reason that I will never ever use wallpaper!! Turns out this wallpaper is realllllllly old, and is made of fabric. It is coming off in sheets, but leaving the walls looking AWFUL! This is going to have to be a project for when the parents come to visit! Oh yeah, they are coming this weekend, perfect timing guys :)

We have the first coat of black on the frames of the cabinets. We took all of the doors off and they are in the basement for the time being. it looks so much better already!


We had to put 2 coats of primer on the cabinets to make sure the black paint would stick!

The hallway trim is all painted! Looks so good!

 AND the trim in the living room is all done! yay! Now on to the fun painting.... See the next post for the after pictures!!

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