August 05, 2013

growing up

here i am once again with months between my posts and feeling a little sad about all i could have written about.  one of my biggest fears is not remembering the little moments i have with Emmie.  those mornings when she wakes up still sleepy and falls back asleep in bed with us- with her head resting on my face.  remembering how little she is when your holding her as she's resting.  these days she is always seeming SO big to me.  She is so independent and growing so fast- talking non-stop.  Even as I'm typing this, she's 'reading' to herself and pointing out all of the colors on Elmo's page.  She's still wearing her favorite pajama pants- and has on one shoe.  It's on the wrong foot, of course, but you know she sure was proud when she got that 'shoooo' on all by herself.  I know it's cliche' but- when did this happen?! Where did the time go? It's so rare when I look at her and see a baby anymore.

do you ever find yourself in a moment and think 'this is what it's all about.  when i'm old and looking back- today is something i will remember forever.'  in the middle of the mundane- the piles of laundry- sweeping the hardwoods for the 3rd time today- the never-ending sink-full of dishes, the temper tantrums, it can be so difficult to remember that these are the days that we are going to want back! These sleepy after-nap snuggles, the trips to the playground, the messes.

Today, I'm challenging myself to be in the moment and enjoy every little thing.  the ups and the downs.  the snuggles, the messes.  wanna join me?

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