April 30, 2013

sugar free: the update

I've been meaning to do an update on our new eating habits but time has just gotten away from me!  The first week was really really difficult.  I craved any and everything sugar.  I had to remove all sugary items from our pantry.  It took some really huge will power.  I fought these cravings by filling up on all sorts of healthy items.  We added huge salads to every meal- that we ate first. Green veggies were cooked in every meal- along with lots of other vegetables.  The biggest change for me was breakfast.  I hardly ever ate breakfast before- and if I did it was really late and something super sugary- like cereal.  Now, I cook scrambled eggs every morning with peppers, onions, mushrooms and spinach.  Helps me stay full all morning.

It definitely takes some planning- I have to meal plan each week and know in advance what I'm cooking each night.  I still have the urge to snack each night after dinner- so I'll try to make something healthier but still has the crunch that I crave- like popcorn, sweet potato chips, etc.

We did cheat a little when we went to DC for the weekend and man, I felt it afterwards.  I am feeling much less fatigued throughout the day, sleeping better at night, and feeling healthier overall! Totally worth the sacrifices!

I'm always looking for recipes- so let me know if you and your family have any favorites!

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