April 02, 2013

quitting sugar

hello friends! i've got some pictures to update, of course, from our Easter weekend in Virginia Beach, but I wanted to share a big life change we are making in the Eiban household.  We are quitting sugar.  Yikes... even just typing it is scary! I wouldn't have said  we eat a lot of sugar... until I actually sat and thought about all the sugar I take in each day.  I usually have some sort of cereal for breakfast, along with my coffee- including a few tablespoons of flavored creamer and scoops of white sugar.  Then throughout the day I would just grab whatever is fast and easy. Sometimes it would be leftovers from the night before, sometimes it would be crackers or whatever I could find in the pantry.  Along with lunch and snacks I would drink a coke.  I switched to drinking diet cokes for a few months, but found it made me crave more soda and end up more bloated.  I usually cook something somewhat healthy for dinner... but nothing too nutritious. I would throw in a pack of steamers veggies to top it off.  The real kicker is once Emmie went to bed I would eat a bowl of ice-cream with sprinkles, or make cookies.  Goodness, just reading the crap I was eating is so embarrassing.  And this doesn't even include the special treats we were eating on holidays, weekends, etc etc.

anyways, I am doing a sugar detox for 8 weeks.  Then from there, I'd like to be able to enjoy a sweet treat every now and then, but I really don't want to get back to where I'm at.  From what I've read the addiction to sugar has so many horrible side effects. I'm excited to have energy again, to not get that late afternoon slump, and to sleep better at night.

So, today was day 1.  There were for sure some rough moments.  I cleaned out the pantry and the fridge.  We have SO many soda cans right now, and every time I saw one I was craving it.  Then I started wanting chocolate and the ice cream in the freezer!

My plan is to fill my fridge with fruits and veggies of course to be able to eat that when I'm healthy.  From talking to others who have quit sugar- the first week is really really difficult and it gets easier from there.  Having healthy foods to snack on will help fight those nasty cravings I get all throughout the day!

So, make sure to keep me accountable! I'll keep you updated!


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Dear Finnlee said...

I am so proud of you guys for making this major step. We didn't go as "cold turkey" as you guys (except for where my husband is concerned), but I have found that I don't miss a lot of the junk we used to have in the house. Not that we survived off of Oreos or anything. Now, if I buy cookies, it's Newton's Thins (not overly sweet at all). Fruit makes a great sweet pick-me-up. And just having snack-ready food has been the biggest life-saver. Stuff like snow peas and cut up broccoli, celery & pb, and clementines save the day when I have the munchies. We haven't been even close to perfect. We make an ice cream run every couple of weeks, and made brownies once. But it's not a regular thing. I also drink iced tea, which I brew (and add sugar to, but I can control the amount). We also bought a SodaStream. I like carbonation, but don't need "cola". I used to buy club soda and add it to juice, but now I can just make it on my own. It's amazing what an addiction it is. I needed the push of my husband's health scare to push us to make major changes, so I'm really proud of you!