March 25, 2013

uhhh, spring?

You guys, I am SO ready for Spring. And this week did not deliver that Spring weather I am craving. No, instead it dumped 6 inches of snow on us! 6 inches!! I thought Emmie may be more interested in playing in the snow since she's been ALL about playing outside in the yard, but nope... she still hates it!  I'm hoping next year she will really want to play in it instead of wanting to be held the entire time!

Is this not the most pitiful thing you've ever seen!? 

She was sitting over there crying crying until I came over there.  Even then, she wasn't too sure about not being in my arms and off the ground!

The only smile I got from her the whole time we were outside!

Once we were inside, she was glued to the window watching Michael and Linus playing.  It was so cute!

Also, this weekend included one of my worst nightmares-  Emmie's first tummy bug.  It was so not pretty.  About midnight, I was getting into bed and checked on the monitor one last time.  Right when I checked it, Emmie sat up and then threw up.  I think I scared Michael to death when I jumped out of bed with a  gasp and ran into her room.  Poor thing was such a mess! We stripped her down and got into the tub.  My poor baby was so so tired she was falling asleep in my arms in the bath.  After some fresh pajamas, we snuggled up in our bed and were drifting off when it happened again.  That's when I realized it was going to be a long, long night.  I took the first shift, holding and rocking her.  Sparing you the details- it was not pretty- I think every blanket, towel and pajama set we own is in the dirty clothes this morning.  My heart hurt so much for my sweet girl, and I knew it could be so much worse- I am just so thankful I was awake and so was she.  Luckily, by morning, she was keeping down some pedialyte.  Michael took the early morning shift and I got a few hours of sleep.

So, Spring, let's decide this is the last of the snow and cold we'll be seeing until next winter, okay?! And, please take all the sickness with you!

ps: I had a fun snowy day photoshoot with Caleb & Kate! 

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Dear Finnlee said...

Poor Em! Poor you!! It seems so unfair when babies get sick. And your winter wonderland is gorgeous. Too bad it's not winter. You guys will look back and laugh at all of these "Emmie crying in snow" pictures. Classic stuff!