June 05, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

Oh how I so love an extended weekend!And this year's Memorial Day did not fail to deliver in the fun with friends and family! We started the weekend out by meeting up with Jay & Audrey and Andy & Patricia for some pool time.  How the babies loved the water!

Big girl drinking water from her sippy cup! :D 

She loves the water! And our matching suits! :D

Beautiful girls! 
 Audrey and Jay- and baby Furnas! :)

Beautiful Family Picture!

It took quite a while to get a picture of all of us at the pool. Mya is still crying in this one, but it's the best we could accomplish ;)

This one is hilarious. We had the girls on the rug and they were happily playing with their toys when Emmie decided she was a little jealous of Mya's hair and pulled it real hard.  Mya of course started screaming, which scared Emerson and then she started screaming.  Poor girls.  Patricia and I were laughing SO hard while our girls were crying.  :)

Such a great fun-filled weekend! :D

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