May 22, 2012

I graduated!

 It only took me eight years, but I was finally able to participate in graduation this year! I've been going to Liberty's graduation year after year watching my friends graduate while I was slowly ticking away on my own classes.I was really excited to see Mitt Romney, the Commencement speaker this year, but not so excited about the 4:30AM wake up call.  

So thankful my favorite was able to walk with me. She's a bit more of an over achiever since she was walking for the third time, but I was so blessed for her to be there!

Once we went through the metal detectors, we had to stand around for 3 hours waiting to walk onto the field. What better to do that enjoy the time and get some pictures! :)

Lots and Lots of people were there to celebrate their graduates! 

Love this picture of Chancellor Falwell and Mitt Romney on stage. 

Truitt Cathy was there too! He received an honorary doctorate from Liberty University

Mitt Romney gave an amazing Commencement Address. So worth the drama that was cause by his invitation ;)

Secret service was high alert watching over the crowd closely!

Emmie was so great. Michael and my parents had her in the stands with them.  She even took a long nap :)

Once the main commencement ceremony was over, we headed over for the individual schools ceremony.  

Me walking across the stage! I was so worried about tripping ;) Luckily it didn't happen!

Standing in line to get my professional picture taken. 

Then, it was picture time!

It was a great day- even though we had to get up at 4:30AM and sit in the heat all morning :) Stay tuned for pictures of my graduation party!

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miranda said...

congratulations again, ashley! everything had to happen for a reason, right? if you hadn't left me at LU, you wouldn't have gone home...and then you wouldn't have met that boy you live with...and then you wouldn't have that angel in your arms. see...that eight years was worth every day! :) LOVE YOU!