April 20, 2012

just the start...

It is the year of weddings for sure this year! Last year it was babies- but this year, we have multiples weddings each month.  I love it.  There is just something so special about seeing your friends get married and be so in love.  I always think back to our own wedding and how special and perfect that day was for me! Our first wedding of the year was two good friends of ours- Jenn and Clif.  I've known Clif since my freshman year at LU and have met and gotten to know Jenn well since we've moved back to Lynchburg. 

There wedding was beautiful- and they did a great job of completely making it "them."  All the way down to the coffee bar! I didn't bring my camera but did steal Miranda's camera a few times during the evening for our own personal use :)

 They got married at the old Pate Chapel in Lynchburg- an absolutely beautiful church!

Jenn looked completely beautiful! 

Michael and I with the Bride and the Groom

 It was so much fun celebrating and seeing some old friends! Christen flew in from Tennessee for the weekend!

 Here's a picture of the girls and guys from the Brother/Sister dorm from our Freshman year. 

Some shots with Miranda of course!

Me and my handsome date!

 Jenn's uncle had a photo booth set up and got some cute shots as well!

source: http://rgcvideo.com/jen.htm

source: http://rgcvideo.com/jen.htm

source: http://rgcvideo.com/jen.htm

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