January 17, 2012

back to work

Today marks 9 weeks since my sweet girl was born.  It also marks the day I had to return to work. I don't know that I've ever cried more in my entire life.  We love the lady that is watching Emmie- she goes by Aunt Nan.  She loves babies, and I know she will treat Emmie like she is her own.  She is big on schedules- and schedules make happy babies.  But, I still do not want to be dropping her off - I want her to be home with me. 

So while I'm here at work today, I can't stop thinking about her adorable smiles and her sweet cuddles.  I've been looking through pictures all day long. 

I'm so thankful Michael snapped these the other day.  Emmie skipped her earlier nap and then fell asleep on me.  She hardly ever does this anymore and usually I won't let her do this anymore.  We were working hard on getting her on a schedule before today came.  There is nothing better than her snuggled up on me and her sweet sleepy noises.  Geeze, I love this child. 

This is by far my favorite.  Caught her smiling in her sleep.  Melts my heart! 

So while my heart is hurting for having to go back to work, I know that this sweet child of mine knows how much she is loved, and I will do the very best I can at reminding her every evening when we are home!


miranda said...

yes, she absolutely knows you love her. that is obvious just in how she responds to your voice and your beautiful face. love you, friend!

The Bonjour Four said...

awww love these pics. always hard going back to work. :( hope it went smoothly for the both of yoU!