September 03, 2011

tea time

The Saturday that Beth was in town, we got a little fancy and had some English Tea.

So relaxing to sit and enjoy some hot tea- even in the 90+ degree weather, but especially nice to hang out with friends and catch up! 

 Miranda, Me, Mrs. Washburn, Jenn, and Heather at our end of the table!

Beth, Christen, and Kristi down at this end of the table...

Everyone got lots of pictures of course!

And since Beth and Christen were in town, we had to get some group shots outside!

 Me and Miranda

Me and Christen- my very 1st roommate ever! 

Me and Beth! Ugh I miss her-  can you move back from Texas please?!

My college girls- all from Freshman year.  Love them! 

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