September 03, 2011

love these people

Love these people! For some reason, when we all hang out, the cameras are forgotten, which is so sad.  I have very little proof of our friendship and our fun times! This must change girls!

Last year, I just clicked with these girls from our small group, and we decided we would force our husbands to be friends too.  Luckily, we didn't really have to do that- they just clicked too.  
We all went out for a cookout to Andy and Patricia's house one night- here are the few pictures I got of the event: 

Zoey is the center of attention of course.  She's so stinkin adorable and the best behaved thing ever. 

Me and Michael: 

Michael and Zoey.  He was laughing at her putting her legs up on the table... not sure what she was laughing at too...

Andy and Patricia! So cute!

Jay and Audrey

John and Monique.  I love this picture and am SO bummed that it turned out so blurry!


so my goal is to get more pictures of us doing stuff! 

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