June 21, 2011

Father's Day Weekend {a surprise visit home}

At the very last minute, Michael and I decided to go home for Father's Day Weekend.  Last minute as in, it's lunch time, we are at work, and we decide it will be so much more fun to share the girl news with our families in person.  We first planned to send some pink or blue flowers to our parents to surprise them, but after researching how expensive it would be to order the specific color and have them delivered- we used the money to drive out there and tell them in person.  So much fun!

We bought a pink rose bush here in Lynchburg and left it on the front porch the night we got in- that way my parents would be sure to see it on their way out the door... Tucked inside the flowers was a little note- telling them to get prepared for a lot more pink around!

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