June 27, 2011

Dear Baby GIRL,

Wednesday, June 15th,  I went to my first doctors appointment without Michael.  So far, his work schedule has worked out where we could schedule an appointment when he was off, but because he recently was switched departments, his schedule changed and he wasn't able to make it.  It isn't a big deal, these regular appointments are really simple.  I have to show up, get weighed, blood pressure taken, a few other medical things, and then discuss questions with my doctor.  I didn't have very many this week- mostly about sleeping on my back since my back has been hurting more sleeping on my side.  My doctor said it's fine- baby is still small enough to not effect me sleeping on my back, but once it gets a little bigger, then it will be painful to sleep on my back. We also listen to your heartbeat each appointment.  It is so fast.  She just has it up for a few seconds- no more than 15- but I love it.  It is so crazy that that fast little heartbeat is my baby! I wonder if I will ever get used to the idea! We talked a little about the 22 week appointment- if we will find out the sex, and how they will give me an ultrasound where we will be able to see you, and measure you.  I am so excited to find out if you are a boy or a girl, so I ask the doctor about their extra ultrasound appointment- where you can pay to have an ultrasound to find out if the baby is a girl or a boy- they call it a pink/blue appointment!  She tells me we can for sure do this- as soon as tomorrow! I am so excited! As soon as I set up the appointment- Thursday for 1:00pm, I call Michael- even though he is at work.  We decided not to really tell anyone- we want to be able to surprise our friends and family with this news.  It is so hard to lie! I ended up telling a few of the girls at work that I was going because I was so excited!

Michael and I decided to take off work on Thursday, he was supposed to work from 12-9 and I was supposed to work from 8-5.  I hate these opposite schedule days! I am so excited for our appointment tomorrow that I have the hardest time sleeping! I really cannot wait to know!! We slept in a little, a rarity these days with work schedules, and how many times I have to get up to pee- and a luxury we will really miss when you come along.  {Maybe you'll be like us and like to sleep in late too?} I woke up starving so we went over to Cracker Barrell for some pancakes and hash browns.  It was so nice out, that we sat out on their patio and rocked in the rocking chairs and talked about how much things are going to change.  What a perfect morning.  I love being able to spend time like this with your Daddy! We sat out there until it was almost time to head over to our appointment!We were a little early so I took the long way.  As we were walking in, I realized that Michael was wearing a blue polo shirt, and I was wearing a pink shirt! Totally not planned, but still really funny!

We were called back and the ultrasound started.  So totally amazing! You were in there! You had the hiccups too! That was my favorite part for sure! She showed us your heart, your stomach and your bladder. And then moved to the money shots.  We found out PINK wins! We got to see you on the big tv screen for almost 30 minutes.  She showed us your feet, your booty, your girly parts {a lot}your hands, just everything.  It was so cool.  It totally made it so real.  The last time we had an ultrasound, you were the size of a peanut and we couldn't see anything- but this time, we could see so much! She even turned on the 3d side for a little bit- wow.  The cord was in the way of your face so we couldn't see your whole face- but we saw your cutie little nose! Once it was over I couldn't stop smiling.  I was so happy I knew what you were- I guessed girl before we went in too! Daddy was a little nervous- but he's really excited too.  He said that girls scared him. :) 

After the appointment, we went to Kohls, Old Navy, and Target.  I wanted to get you your first official girl outfit! Yes, we already had some girl and boy stuff that friends have given us, or good deals I found at yard sales- but this was the first thing that we bought you.  I found an adorable little pink jumper at Target from the Calypso line.  I love it! I can't wait to see our adorable little girl in it! 

We then went to Cold Stone and got some Ice Cream.  Cotton Candy with Sprinkles and a waffle bowl for me {always one of my favorites!} and Michael got something with Oreos.  

We ended the day by telling your Aunt Miranda- but that is another story- complete with more pictures! :)

It was so much fun- I'm so glad we took the day off and were able to spend the entire day together and really start planning more details on your arrival!

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