February 24, 2011

crafts, football, games, and puppies!

Phew- what a title.  haha. Basically- I just got around to uploading my pictures from pretty much the entire month of January and February.  I have got to be better about this! 

I love these girls.  One night our husbands wanted to get together and do boy stuff- you know, play cards, watch movies, play x-box... whatever they do.  I'm never allowed around when these events happen ;) 

So, the girls decided to have a craft night! It was a lot of fun, we had yummy (and healthy) snacks, lots of girly talk, and got a lot of projects done.  Audrey worked on some curtains (isn't that material so cute- I love the colors in it, Monique worked on her portfolio for grad school, I worked on some flower pins, and Patricia knitted a hat for her cute little niece.  Jen held baby Zoey for Monique- and Zo was a perfect baby- like always!

Unfortunately, these are all the pictures I got! No pictures of the finished projects! boo. next time!

A few weeks later we had a fun fondue night at Monique's house!

We did dessert fondue with all sorts of dippings- strawberries, bananas, pound cake, brownies, angel food cake, marshmallows, pineapple, pretzels. Oh SO good.  

Once we had all stuffed our faces with this amazing-ness, we pulled out a few games and played boy vs girl style.  The best way of course! 
We played Cranium. So much fun.  I loved seeing the boys having to act out a certain character or draw something.  They were much better at those stupid data and word cards. 

Then, the next day was Superbowl Sunday.  The girls were really excited about this- it meant that we got our husbands back for our home projects on the weekends! ;) 

Superbowl was awesome, everyone brought yummy snacks, the boys watched the game, and the girls chatted.  We started out watching the commercials, and then just gave up after a while.  

A few of the boys watching the game:

Us girls in the dining room/kitchen area- of course! We eventually made our way into the guest room where we all sprawled out and had girl talk.  
Have I mentioned I love these girls!?

I love this picture too because little Zo is smiling.  Such a sweet baby! 

That pretty much catches me up to date on pictures.  

Well, you probably want to see some cutie pictures I've taken of the pups!


Jenni said...

Love all these pictures, but ESPECIALLY THE ONES OF THE DOGGIES!!! :) :)

danielle @ take heart said...

love your pictures! thanks so much for coming by my little blog :)

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