February 25, 2011

A Bridal Tea!

Monday night we had a little party. For Rachel.  Who's getting married in like 3 weeks!

Yes, It was a tea party, because we are fancy like that. 

We held it at Heidi's house.  And set everything up on Sunday night.  Marianne is Mrs. Creative, so most of these amazing ideas are hers! 
Each teacup got a name tag and bow.  This helped with keeping tack of who's cup was whos, and also added a cute pink touch! :D

Between me, Heidi, and Marianne, we had a ton of white ceramic dishes.  It worked out really well! Love this little sugar container!

Marianne made this cute little 'Tea Time' Banner! 

The entire table all set up! We had cupcakes, biscotti, chocolate chip clouds, cucumber sandwiches, avocado dip, fruit and dip, and of course tea! Marianne also made the cute tissue puffs!

I loved these adorable tea cups!

Amazing Cupcakes by Marianne! 

Heidi's cucumber sandwiches! yumm!

Chocolate Chocolate Chip Biscotti

Marianne also covered these mason jars in scrap book paper.  They were great decorations for the rest of the rooms!

Adorable mugs for Rachel and Chris!

Rachel of course, got to wear the princess crown!

The beautiful Bride-to-Be!  I'm pretty sure she had a great time! We opened presents, played a wedding version of 'things' and chatted.  Plus lots and lots of laughing!

But we didn't get a group picture! I hate when I forget super important things like that!!


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