January 17, 2011

last bulk of pictures from our trip home! it's taking me forever to get these all posted and up! Can't wait until I can start loading up pictures on my computer at home again :D 

anyways, we went on a dinner cruise on our last night with all of the adults from the Eiban Family.  this awesome cruise is called the Spirit of Norfolk.  there was dinner, our servers sang and danced, and then music and a dance floor.  it was a lot of fun to get together and talk with all the adults of the family without getting interrupted by a crying kiddo.  Everyone got all dressed up and looked so so nice! 

Mike and Amber

Mr. Eiban was dancing the entire time! He was having so much fun!

Paul and Sarah: 

Cj and Taylor

Mrs. Eiban on the dance floor

How handsome does he look! 

We all stepped out onto the back deck for a little bit, it was super cold, but neat to see everything!

Stephanie and Charles

Love this... Mrs. Eiban started dancing to the thriller all by herself on a boat full of people! ;)

Taylor, Cj, and Sarah

Paul showing Cj some birthday love

I always leave Mike out of family things, so I had to make sure to put a picture of him- all by himself ;)

Cj turned 21 earlier in December! 

My love! 

Sarah! Love this one of her!

Michael and his Dad. awesome picture. :)

Cj and Taylor.

We had a blast on the Spirit of Norfolk!

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The Bonjour Four said...

you and your hubby look so cute together!