January 13, 2011

an evening of chaos

{Yes, it is January 13th. But in my book, it is not too late to post about our Christmas!}

Christmas Eve. I can actually say, we were not stressing out trying to get all the last minute gifts.  You see, we did the rest of our last minute shopping on Christmas Eve-Eve, at the outlets in Williamsburg {i love that place!} 

Christmas Eve consisted of baking some awesome  fudge and peanut butter fudge. yumm. then we ran over to Michael's parents house for their annual Christmas.  This year was a little different, but it was a lot of fun.  Mom Eiban made a bunch of finger foods, and we were able to sit around and talk for a little bit.  She then brought out some cupcakes with candles and everyone sang Happy Birthday to Jesus.  

Then, I made everyone round up for some group pictures.  We seriously don't have ANY of everyone in the Eiban family.  This was a lot more difficult than it sounds- but we got the pictures!

First, here's all of the grandkids: 

Not, perfect, but pretty darn close. Especially with that many kiddos!

Then, one of all of the Eiban family.  

That's a good introduction so you can fully see how chaotic Christmas Eve really is! All of these people, opening gifts at the same time- in the same room! And not just a few gifts... here is one corner of the room with some of the gifts:

The present opening was crazy. Would you expect any different? I just sat back and snapped some pictures of all the different families!

The kids had such a great time and seemed to really enjoy their time together!

Eden wasn't sure what to do with her mittens

Laina's new Barbie Doll

Whoopee Cushions were the hit of the night!

New Shoes that squeak when he walks!

How was your Christmas Eve? Are you like the Eiban's and open your family presents, or do you have some other fun traditions?

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