October 18, 2010

eight years old again

we had a busy weekend.  hubby went out to the cabin with my dad and little brother- and i had a girls day! 

saturday morning, i was up eaaaarly (husband, i can't sleep without you here!) and found out about Old Navy's early morning sweater sale.  we went out there and I got some amazing Christmas presents.  I'm glad my blog reading benefited me in some way! {and i'm SO glad I've been purchasing for Christmas the past few months!} I got a ton of baby stuff there too! when we start having kids, i'm never going to be able to shop! these little outfits are irresistible!!

For Gianna!
we then drove out to roanoke for more shopping! you should be very proud of me, i only bought earrings for myself! the rest was christmas and other presents! {did you hear that babes!?}

Then for the funnest part... Disney Princess on Ice!

It was SO much fun to feel like a little girl again! I suddenly remembered why I loved each and every Disney princess!

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