September 25, 2010

Meet Tristan:

Today, I did something a little out of my comfort zone- I took pictures of an adorable baby- Tristan.  And not only did I take pictures of him- I watched him! Like, baby sat him! It was fun, and exhausting and I only had him for a few hours!We took a little field trip to Starbucks and Target this afternoon as well. He did great, and I'm pretty sure I did too.  Although, I think I pulled my shoulder carrying his heavy car seat around! Geeze, carry that thing around everyday, you'll have some amazing arm muscles! Okay, enough of my ramblings about me baby-sitting,  Meet the adorable Tristan: 

I know, his eyes will totally break your heart! And his smiles too! Oh, and his feet! Look at these adorable feet!

I love this one of him too.  Adorable little belly!

This outfit is so cute! It used to be his Mom's! I love special outfits like this! 

Don't you just want to snuggle up with him here! So sweet!
I must have done a good job, because he was tired! 

Well, just don't ask him...


Anonymous said...

Wonderful pictures

Sara said...

Thank you for such wonderful photos! I am Pam's cousin and have yet to meet Tristan. These photos have served as a wonderful introduction!
Sara Barton