August 13, 2010

Hard-Core Bachelor and Bachelorette Fans!

Yes, that would be me and my friend Miranda.  She meets up with a group of friends every Monday night to eat at Chick-fil-a and then to watch the Bachelorette, or the Bachelor, whichever season we are on.  :) Me on the other hang, I like to watch it in very small groups, so we can still discuss the stupid things people say (this is my heart, jump in, stay a while- I mean REALLY!?) but not miss anything important.  Some nights, it's just me watching. But come Tuesday morning we are always talking about what happened the night before. 

While we were in DC, we came across this amazing little courtyard, where we saw this:

It was calling out to us! So what did we do? Took pictures with it of course!

Love it! :)

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