July 07, 2010

All Things Loved- June

I know, it's a few days late, but we all know how much I enjoy my monthly wrap ups! Some of my favorite things I've enjoyed for the month of June are:

Summer in general! I love this warm weather, getting out every day, weekend trips, getting sun! So much fun! I love that we can go out and enjoy the weather and each others company.  Michael and I have done some day trips, me and some friends have done some weekend trips, and we hopefully we will be planning an extended trip soon! I love vacations :)

Fresh Vegetables from our garden! :) We've been eating so much squash and zuchinni lately, and finding some great recipes!

I've also loved all my pretty hydrangeas growing around my yard.  These are so beautiful!

...but I've also loved the other random flowers around :) Such a great surprise all around the yard!

Reality TV.  Okay, all sorts of trashy tv.  I've always loved watching the Bachelor and the Bachelorette, so this season is no different. 

Ice Cream! yumm- I love making trips to get slurpees and ice cream treats- but the calories can really add up! One of my new favorites are frozen bananas with some sprinkles! So tasty!

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