July 19, 2010


So, I know I've been absent this entire past week- we decided last minute to go home.  Michael's Dad had an angioplasty scheduled for Monday morning, and we decided it was important enough to go home for.  It was a good thing that we did because the cardiologist found 3 major blockages- one was over 90% blocked, and the other 2 were over the 70% needed and he scheduled him for a triple bypass.  Our 3-day trip (Saturday, Sunday and Monday) turned into staying at least until Wednesday for his surgery.  Surgery went well, they ended up only doing a double-bypass.  We were able to stay the remainder of the week in order to make sure he was doing well.  There have been some little bumps in the healing process- his kidney function was down, his white cell count was up, he was very anemic, etc.  Everything is looking better now- he got a blood transfusion last night and hopefully that will help with the anemia.The Sentara Heart Hospital has been amazing.  I've never been more impressed with staff, with care, everything! We hated to leave yesterday while he was still in the hospital, but he was doing so much better and know he's in great hands at the hospital.  Thanks to all of our amazing friends, coworkers, and family for praying for us and Mr. Eiban during this time.  I can say it certainly woke me up to make sure I'm putting the proper nutrition into our bodies and exercising.

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