April 23, 2010

Michigan Wedding

My friend Stephanie's wedding was so beautiful! Thought I would share some of my favorite pictures of the wedding, and of us of course!

Steph's hair looked amazing! So pretty! 

Unfortunately, I gave Michael my camera for the wedding, because I was running around being bossy.  Well, he didn't take a single picture! Just trust me, it was beautiful, and romantic!

It was pretty chilly in Michigan, and the girls braved the weather and took some great shots outside.  Here's a few of Steph and her bridesmaids:

The reception was so pretty! Here are a few pictures of the room, and the tables:

Didn't I tell you, BEAUTIFUL! All the details were so pretty, and I wish my camera wasn't crappy so I could have taken some more!

The wedding cake was classic and pretty:

We had a lot of fun, and took a lot of goofy pictures like this:

Here's a picture of Michael and I! ugh I am so ready to get rid of these glasses!

The girls with the Bride! Such a pretty wedding, and so much fun to spend with friends!

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