April 19, 2010

Garden Diaries- Chapter 1- digging and digging

We are in the process of planting our first vegetable garden.  We started out my picking the area in the back yard that will see the most direct sunlight.  With a little help from our neighbors who have lived next door for over 30 years, we picked a section in between tree shade and the shadows of the house.  

Our next step was to decide how big the garden will be.  We weren't too sure with this, so we honestly just guessed what size we would like.  This is something that can always be made bigger.  Our neighbors were so helpful, they were giving us tips We sprayed the ground with red spray paint to determine where the outline would be.  

We then borrowed our neighbors digger machine (no idea what this thing is called) and started digging, or moving the machine. You know, same thing.  Here it is after going through the process once: 


We then sorted out all of the rocks and clumps of grass and old bulbs from the tulips and other plants that were in a little garden there. 

We've mixed in some different soils, etc. and are preparing for the planting stages! Next Steps to come!

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