February 05, 2010

More Snow :)

We are getting even more snow this weekend.  It's been great because Michael has had some delays, and he even had the entire day off today! Here are some pictures from the storm that hit us last weekend, and is still on the ground as we are getting new snow.  This is the most snow I've ever seen, and even though it is pretty, I'm ready for the warm weather to be here!

You have no idea how much it took for me to get him to hold still for this picture :)

Playing in the snow! Right after that I probably crushed Michael in the face with a snowball.  

Meet Miranda... she's a great friend- and kinda our neighbor.  Mike went and picked her up and we had fun playing in the snow, until we got too cold.  :) 
Linus loves loves loves loves loves the snow.  He runs around chasing snowballs, digging, and just sprinting around the yard.  

Latte' also loves the snow, but when her hair is long, it sticks to her fur.  Luckily she just got a haircut, and a new snow coat so hopefully she will be better equipped! 

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