February 02, 2010

All Things Loved... January

January has been a chanllenging month.  Some great friends of mine have moved hours and hours away from Lynchburg, and this cold weather is not making me happy! But, I have had some wonderful things I've fallen in love with!

Big Comfortable Sweaters.  I hate the cold, but love sweaters.  They are so warm and comfortable.  I bought this sweater from New York and Company, and I love it.  Don't be surprised if you see me wearing it... a lot.  BUT it can be worn 3 different ways, so I'm thinking that means I can wear it 3 times as much!

Having a washer and dryer! I don't necessarily love ours right now because they haven't been working properly, but hopefully that will be fixed very soon!  I love being able to pick out something to wear because I want to wear it that day instead of having to wear it because it's the only thing clean! Even Michael has commented on loving the constant flow of clean clothes in his dresser!

Peppermint White Chocolate Mochas.  I love these on a super cold day! They are so much better than the peppermint mocha's that everyone raves about.  They aren't as bitter.  Oh yum, just writing this is making me want one right now! It is going to be a really sad day when they retire the peppermint for the season. 

My Amazon Kindle: I love, love, love my Kindle.  I love being able to grab it and go.  I've read so many books already, and plan to keep reading! Amazon has done a great job with the Kindle.   I have actually caught myself many times trying to physically reach to turn a page, when all I need to do is hit a button! It feels like I'm actually reading a book, and it will really save money, and space in our house with all the old books I used to buy and not want to get rid of.  Now, they are all kept easily in one spot! Thanks again for such a great Christmas present babe!

Friendships: Like I said earlier in this post, a few of my friends have moved on to bigger and better things in their lives.  I have never been too good at staying in touch, but having friends like these really want me to try harder! I'm so thankful to have friends who I can talk to about anything, who challenge me to be a better person, and most importantly who can share with me what God is teaching them in their own lives. 

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