January 03, 2010

Good bye pink polka-dots!

When we were home for Christmas, a lot of people were asking for updates on the house with our furniture in it! Remember that all of our furniture is still at the hand me down stage, and of course we have a lot of work still to do... but I will show you what we have gotten done so far.

Let's take a stroll down memory lane... to the awful two-toned pink sponge painted walls, and the nasty ugly rug!

We got that rug out of the house and far far away from our house, took the curtains down, and painted over that awful paint job!

 And now! The walls a a dark brown, not really chocolate, but close. I drew the colors from 2 pictures that I have yet to hang up. And, please don't mind the Christmas tree that is still up. Would anyone like to come over and take it down for me?

Also, don't mind my husband. He hasn't moved from that spot since we brought the new tv and the x-box games home for Christmas!

I say we have made a lot of progress! I am loving my house and loving seeing all the changes.

What do you guys think?

Have you been working on anything special?

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