November 14, 2009


Welcome to our blog! We (meaning Ashley), decided that this would be a great way to share with everyone about things going on in our lives! I will try to update this regularly with pictures and details on what is going on withus!

So, enough with the intro, and on with the good stuff!

As many of you already know, Michael and I are in the process of buying our first house! We will officially be closing Thursday, November 19th at 10:00am! We are really excited to get into the house and start making some updates! We will be doing A LOT of painting when we first move in: kitchen cabinets, window panes, trim, walls, you name it! We are also planning on updating the light fixtures, fridge, oven, and the washer and dryer when we first move in.

Here are some pictures of the house when we went in for the inspection:

The front of our house! We are planning on getting new, black shutters, taking down the white overhangs, and painting the front door red! (I just love red front doors!)

The back of our house. So excited to get our table and chairs on the deck!

Bathroom... Taking down the border, and painting the walls white. Planning on keeping this teal tile for a few months. Going to go with the brown, teal, and hints of bright orange in here.

Dinning Room. Again, replacing the light fixture, and painting the trim and the walls. Thinking about painting this room a moss green. Cabinets will most likely be painted black for the time being. And... there's hardwood floors under that ugly rug!

Guest Room! We will put the queen sized bed in here for anyone who wants to come and visit! :)
This room will most likely be painted tan and go with a clean beach look.

Office/Bedroom #3. Thinking this will be a deep gray color. Black furniture, white and yellow accessories?

Kitchen. A remodel will be coming in a few months, but for the time being we will paint the cabinets (thinking black, I can't decide) Switch out the fixtures, and put in a new fridge and oven.

Living Room! I'm loving the pink sponge painted walls here, maybe keeping them. haha NOT! I retired my pink sponge painting in middle school (I know you remember that awful room Mom and Dad!) We have tan furniture and will probably paint these walls a latte color.

And finally, the master bedroom! I have had a difficult time trying to decide what to do in here, but I think I have finally decided! I saw this awesome picture of HGTV that had a deep teal color with a burnt orange- beautiful! So, three walls tan, one wall deep teal, with a burnt orange duvet! This idea really scares Michael, but it's just paint, so why not experiment!

As you can see, we have a lot of work to be done! We are having our final walk through tomorrow before closing! I will make sure to include pictures as we work on everything and ideas that we have! Please feel free to share ideas and opinions with us!

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