May 23, 2014

welcoming summer

i am back in blogging action! ;) after a rather unfortunate incident involving my macbook pro and a cup of coffee i had to take a few months off.  good news is- my computer is now fixed! yay! and i've been busier than ever with photography- which is awesome- but it keeps me super busy with editing. i've found that because taking pictures is my job- i'm not doing super great with documenting our own lives! i am one that forgets everything so i have to document it so i can remember!

today i decided to take the afternoon off from editing and spend the day one-on-one with Emmie. It was perfect.  we had lunch (whole30 approved- more on that soon i'm sure!) and then headed out to Yoder Farms for Strawberry picking.  i wasn't sure how emmie would do- but i should have known better.  this girl is always up for an adventure.

we picked a bucket of strawberries- and i'm almost certain she ate more than we bought ;) hard to believe i couldn't get this girl to even taste a strawberry last year! she also got to meet and pet some goats and cows!

i love my self timer! great to capture these moments of us together!


September 19, 2013

an unexpected visitor

My sweet friend Miranda found this itty bitty kitty outside her house and we watched it for the day.  Emmie was IN LOVE! It is the cutest little kitten ever- and this is saying quite a bit considering I don't even like cats! From what the humane society said, he's between 3 and 4 weeks old and still strictly on milk.  We are hoping his Momma will come back.

poor thing got LOTS of hugs and kisses from Emmie all morning!

Can't you just hear her saying "Please keep cat Dada?" she's been working on it all morning! ;)

August 05, 2013

growing up

here i am once again with months between my posts and feeling a little sad about all i could have written about.  one of my biggest fears is not remembering the little moments i have with Emmie.  those mornings when she wakes up still sleepy and falls back asleep in bed with us- with her head resting on my face.  remembering how little she is when your holding her as she's resting.  these days she is always seeming SO big to me.  She is so independent and growing so fast- talking non-stop.  Even as I'm typing this, she's 'reading' to herself and pointing out all of the colors on Elmo's page.  She's still wearing her favorite pajama pants- and has on one shoe.  It's on the wrong foot, of course, but you know she sure was proud when she got that 'shoooo' on all by herself.  I know it's cliche' but- when did this happen?! Where did the time go? It's so rare when I look at her and see a baby anymore.

do you ever find yourself in a moment and think 'this is what it's all about.  when i'm old and looking back- today is something i will remember forever.'  in the middle of the mundane- the piles of laundry- sweeping the hardwoods for the 3rd time today- the never-ending sink-full of dishes, the temper tantrums, it can be so difficult to remember that these are the days that we are going to want back! These sleepy after-nap snuggles, the trips to the playground, the messes.

Today, I'm challenging myself to be in the moment and enjoy every little thing.  the ups and the downs.  the snuggles, the messes.  wanna join me?

April 30, 2013

sugar free: the update

I've been meaning to do an update on our new eating habits but time has just gotten away from me!  The first week was really really difficult.  I craved any and everything sugar.  I had to remove all sugary items from our pantry.  It took some really huge will power.  I fought these cravings by filling up on all sorts of healthy items.  We added huge salads to every meal- that we ate first. Green veggies were cooked in every meal- along with lots of other vegetables.  The biggest change for me was breakfast.  I hardly ever ate breakfast before- and if I did it was really late and something super sugary- like cereal.  Now, I cook scrambled eggs every morning with peppers, onions, mushrooms and spinach.  Helps me stay full all morning.

It definitely takes some planning- I have to meal plan each week and know in advance what I'm cooking each night.  I still have the urge to snack each night after dinner- so I'll try to make something healthier but still has the crunch that I crave- like popcorn, sweet potato chips, etc.

We did cheat a little when we went to DC for the weekend and man, I felt it afterwards.  I am feeling much less fatigued throughout the day, sleeping better at night, and feeling healthier overall! Totally worth the sacrifices!

I'm always looking for recipes- so let me know if you and your family have any favorites!

April 28, 2013

over on the photography side...

I haven't shared any of my photography events on here lately, but wanted to share this preview from the beautiful wedding this weekend!

You can view more online here: