May 23, 2014

welcoming summer

i am back in blogging action! ;) after a rather unfortunate incident involving my macbook pro and a cup of coffee i had to take a few months off.  good news is- my computer is now fixed! yay! and i've been busier than ever with photography- which is awesome- but it keeps me super busy with editing. i've found that because taking pictures is my job- i'm not doing super great with documenting our own lives! i am one that forgets everything so i have to document it so i can remember!

today i decided to take the afternoon off from editing and spend the day one-on-one with Emmie. It was perfect.  we had lunch (whole30 approved- more on that soon i'm sure!) and then headed out to Yoder Farms for Strawberry picking.  i wasn't sure how emmie would do- but i should have known better.  this girl is always up for an adventure.

we picked a bucket of strawberries- and i'm almost certain she ate more than we bought ;) hard to believe i couldn't get this girl to even taste a strawberry last year! she also got to meet and pet some goats and cows!

i love my self timer! great to capture these moments of us together!


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