April 16, 2013

in case anyone still cares...

What else would you expect... I'm late for posting our Easter pictures!

We decided last minute to head out to Virginia Beach for the extended Easter weekend to visit our families! Super stressful last minute laundry and packing, but totally worth it!

Easter Sunday we rushed off to my parents church & got to see my little brother play in the band.  When we came home, Emmie opened her Easter baskets (she had 3 this year!!) and had a delicious lunch with my parents and Michael's parents! The perks of both sets of parents living in the same city!


Michaels Dad, Mom, Me, Emmie & Michael 
The weather finally warmed up (a little bit) and we were able to hang outside and enjoy it!
Chalk drawings

big smiles!

sweet tickles! 

Emmie refusing to smile, of course!

chasing bubbles! 

love this sweet, sweet picture of Michael and Emmie! 

piggy tails were Dada's request! 

a fun Easter present from Pops & JiJi 
Love this adorable dress! 

having bubble fun with JiJi 

cutest little jellies! 

someone was way over pictures! 

Me, Michael, Emmie, Pops, and JiJi (my Mom and Dad) 

Someone is READY for a n-a-p!

More to come on our trip to the oceanfront! 

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Dear Finnlee said...

We had to skip straight ahead to this post because Finn saw Emmie! It's around 5:30AM and she is yelling "Emmie, bunny, Emmie!" at the top of her lungs. I am so in love with those bubble photos. And that big smile! These are gorgeous. And your mom is insanely beautiful. Luckily, you look just like her!