March 20, 2013

friendship, birthdays, & tea

Good Friends are such a blessing.  There was a time in our early Lynchburg years that we struggled with finding good friends, especially couple friends.  When I met these girls at our small group, I was so excited! After the girls hanging out a few times we decided to take it to the next steps and see if our husbands got along! We were so happy when they actually did!

Together, we have gone through so many things! It's been great to have this group of girls to turn to for good, Godly advice.  As the years have gone by and kids have been added, our time alone have gotten fewer and fewer and more distractions have been added in.

This year, instead of buying each other Birthday presents, we have decided to do something the 4 of us, without kids! Time for us to recharge, reconnect, laugh, cry, and dish.  For Patricia's birthday, we went to the cutest little tea shop downtown.  You sit and have English tea, lunch, and scones! It was such a great grown up girls treat! :)

Love these girls! What do you like to do to celebrate birthdays with your friends?


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Dear Finnlee said...

What a neat place. I was at our tea parlour again the other day, but still didn't sit down yet. I am vowing to try it out. All of my best friends are long distance, so we mostly share goofy texts with custom birthday poetry and a phone call. I need to be better about making an effort though. This looks like fun.