February 06, 2013

a day in our life: Wednesday edition

Today was one of those days that was good for my soul. unplugged and ignoring all of my other responsibilities.  Wednesdays are one of my days off, so we usually run around getting errands done- but today- it was all about fun.

Me and Emmie baked up some tasty plastic cakes to go along with our hot tea.  Is there anything better than pretending to enjoy English Tea with the baby girl?!

It was starting to warm up outside (yay) so we got dressed and went outside and enjoyed the weather!  Linus loved that we finally went outside with him!

The swing kiss- don't tell me you wouldn't try it! 

Then we headed out to the park! I can't believe this was our first time to a playground, but it really was fun! At first Emmie was skeptical and watching all the other kids, but then she really got the hang of it! You would never know it

Back at home, I finally got some picking up done around the house.  Emmie loves playing in the basket while I'm folding laundry! She was having so much fun!

She also loves putting on my chapstick.  She hates when I try to take it away from her.

Then we tried to go down for a nap.  She hasn't been napping great lately, just sitting in her crib playing! My great little sleeper won't sleep anymore! (She didn't nap here either!!)

Instead of napping, we had a snack of strawberries! I had mine with a side of chocolate.  ;)

Now, I'm training Emmie to learn how to clean the house early on! ;) She loves walking around when I'm sweeping, dusting, or mopping and pretending to help me.  So perfect!

Our night ended with leftover pony-tail hair, a bubble bath, and reading goodnight moon about 15 times.  :)

and that was our Wednesday.  With a million pictures. :)


miranda said...

what a great day. looks like one i would enjoy, too! poor linus, though. he looks like he needs some privacy in that first picture of him.

i LOVE the new background. gray and polka dots...mmmmmmm!

Dear Finnlee said...

What a great Wednesday! She looks so much younger here already. That leftover ponytail hair is the cutest. I love her winter clothes. That red sweater and the quilted jacket make me wish we had a need for those sort of things.