January 30, 2013

Hi Daddy


I finally woke up this morning at 9:45! Momma was starting to worry about me and didn't know if she should wake me up.  I don't like it when Momma worries, so I decided to show her myself I was okay.

As soon as we got out of my crib I started looking for you! I called out your name in every room of the house.  "Dada?" "Dada" "DADA" but Momma told me you left for work already.  I'm sorry I didn't get to wave bye-bye to you this morning.  I was thinking about blowing you a kiss this time too.

We sat down for breakfast and Momma gave me my milk.  I decided today it is the best drink in the world! It took me about 5 minutes but I drank my entire sippy of it and then asked Momma for more.

Guess what she gave me for breakfast this morning?! Blueberry Pancakes!! She said the blueberries might help me feel better- I let her know I like them by saying "mmmmm" with each bite- that way she'll give me more!

I haven't been coughing too much this morning, but my chest is rattling a lot.  Momma gave me the good tasting medicine.  She sure takes good care of me!

Well, I'm gonna go beg Momma to take me outside! Or read me a book, or maybe even both!! Have a great day at work today!

Emmie Girl

PS: It worked! We totally played outside until it started raining!

Momma even took a video of me playing outside!

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Dear Finnlee said...

Oh, she's tiny here. Where does the time go??