January 29, 2013

ahh weekends are so dear to us in this house.  time with daddy is oh so special and this weekend was no exception!

we got to run errands with Aunt Randa! Emmie loves her so much!

she wasn't letting go for anything! 

"helping" momma push the stroller around  
Emmie gets a little stir-crazy after being in her stroller for too long.  But we can't let her down unless we are done with our errands.  

Em is still loving her play kitchen.  She runs over and stirs her creation and then races over to me with her spoon to taste.  If I don't say "mmmmmmm" she gives me another taste until I do.  

Hanging out in the J. Crew dressing room.  She loves running around a room full of mirrors! (what have I created!?)

Sunday we drove out to Roanoke and had to stop at Red Robin while we are there (duh).  Emmie made sure to keep us entertained at the restaurant by reading us her favorite book.  

We created our own little water table for Emmie.  She loves splashing in the dog bowls and the bathtub.  This is a great way to keep her entertained (for a few minutes- lets not get too crazy here).

She also loves silk blankets.  She will wrap herself in one of these blankets over and over and over!

Lastly, have you joined Vine yet? I was a little skeptical at first, but I love getting to see some of the people that I've gotten to know through blogging and instagram! If you are on it- find me! :) 

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Dear Finnlee said...

Her eyes are so amazing. This kid cracks me up!