November 17, 2012

birthday...take 2

I shared Emmie's first birthday party here in Lynchburg, but never shared the one we had for her in Chesapeake! This one was a two weeks before her party here.  It was a lot of fun, and helped us to avoid a houseful of guests! ;) Our families got together at Michael's parents house and enjoyed celebrating a year of Emmie!

The cakes had glitter built into it from the bakery! Michael's Mom ordered these for Emmie! :)

Emmie's on little smash cake!

Pops loves it when Emmie is around! (My Dad)

Michael's Mom with Emmie :)

 Emmie loves out there! Payton was a fan of Emmie too! :)

Opening presents! Emmie got lots of fun toys and clothes from our dear families!

This time... Emmie LOVED the cake.  She got all into it!

She LOVED the texture and pretty much kept her hand in the cake squishing it nonstop.  :)

Then came... bath time!

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