September 28, 2012

a bunch of random

Yesterday, I turned in my notice of resignation to my boss! I'm quitting!!!! I am so so excited! I am going to watch Nate for Jay & Audrey a few days during the week, meaning I am able to stay home with my Emmie Girl!!

Anyways, the reason for this post... One of my most favorite Fall traditions is heading over to Olive Garden with my two favorites (this year it was my 3 favorites!) for some yummy Italian food and then sharing some pieces of Pumpkin Cheesecake! It is so so amazing. Last night Michael, Miranda, Emmie and I went to Olive Garden for some never-ending pasta bowl, some wine, and cheesecake and coffee.  So fun and always nice to have some time with Miranda!

Since this post seems to be perfectly random, I'll continue.  For some reason, I always seem to dress Emmie exactly like me in the mornings! I don't know why, guess I'm just thinking in that mindset when dressing her in the mornings?

and here's some adorable pictures of Emmie in her pajamas! i LOVE them!!

 Happy National Coffee Day!

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Dear Finnlee said...

Love your polka dot outfit! I do the same without realizing it. Actually, with two young kids to dress, I tend to dress them in coordinating outfits unintentionally. It makes for better photos sometimes, I guess. It must just be the mood I'm in that day. But now that Sydney is old enough to choose her own outfits (sometimes) there are some "very interesting" combinations in the mix.