April 01, 2012

Spring Photos

Here I am again, SO behind in everything going on- waiting for a free minute to post all the pictures I have from our recent adventrues. Life has been crazy between working full-time, keeping up with photography, the house, school, and relationships.  I'm sure we aren't the only ones.  The good thing is, I have a few extra minutes and am able to do a little updating.  I am going to start with some more recent posts and work backwards :) Always works best for me.  Sorry if you are reading this in reader and get overwhelmed with new posts. 

The weekend before Easter, I tried to get some Spring pictures of Emmie.  This means baby chickies and spring outfits.  By the time we got Emmie ready and picked the chickies up, she was in a bad mood, and it got a little colder.  Emmie is too little to touch the chickies since they carry lots of different diseases, so it was quite the adventure on trying to get her to smile/look at the camera and keep the chicks close enough to her- but not too close! They didn't turn out like how I was thinking by any means, but still want to keep the memory for all the craziness we went through.  :)

Big girl with tummy time these days!

Cute little chickies!

Once it got a little too chilly outside we went inside and tried to get a few more. 

 Love these chunky little baby legs!

Happy Spring :)


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