February 19, 2012

snow day!

The weather has been so weird this winter.  It's been nice, especially with having a newborn baby- hate to see her too cold! Plus, I hate being cold! But part of me really wanted at least one good snow this year!

Luckily- we finally received it! Yesterday we were taking a walk with Emmie with no coats on and today snow! and lots of it!  :) well, lots to Virginia's standards!

We have been super lazy today, just hanging out and snuggling up with our sweet girl- but we did of course take her outside for her very first snow experience! I of course bundled her up with lots of layers! It was so cute hearing her take big gasps of the cold air!

We didn't stay out for too long, just long enough to snap a few pictures and let her experience the cold air and wet flakes! 

We sure love this little girl! And I love experiencing all these firsts with her!

1 comment:

miranda said...

i still love all these pictures. so glad you got to enjoy this with her. i'm sad i missed out. :(