February 03, 2012

Mya's Baby Shower

Last weekend we threw a baby shower for Andy, Patricia and Mya :) I had just returned to work, so I didn't  have too much time to do much with it, but the girls did a fantastic job! They did a dessert and coffee/hot chocolate bar open house- it was so wonderful for everyone to get to meet Mya for their shower!

A lot of their friends brought some yummy desserts- and there were a ton of cupcakes!

Audrey did such a great job with the hot chocolate bar! She had all sorts of toppings! So yummy! :)

Monique is so crafty, I love it! She made these adorable little birds for all the tables! MADE THEM!!

There were all these little tags for guests to leave them little notes!

Zoey LOVES to eat.  She was quite excited to find that she could reach these muffins herself!

Michael has to keep Emmie occupied for a while!

The boys with their sweet little girls!

Me and Patricia! So excited that our girls are SO close in age!

The BEAUTIFUL family!

Love these girls so very much!!

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