October 31, 2011

productive weekend

I am loving how productive we've been on the weekends! {Michael may be a little tired of doing work...} 

I'm finally starting to feel more energetic and the 'nesting' phase has hit- full swing! I've organized our linen closet, the kitchen cabinets, our dressers- you name it and I've probably sorted it! We have had triple the amount of trash these past few weeks- but it feels so good to get stuff out of the house! And our spring yard sale pile in the basement is huge!

Progress on the nursery is looking great! I finished up the curtains for both the windows and the closet door! Painted my $10.00 ugly wood dresser white- and this weekend we got the crib put together! Here are some updated pictures for the room {sorry- they were taken in bad light AND on my phone- better ones will be coming once I get caught up on my editing!}

My parents bought us the crib at our shower earlier in October and had it shipped to us here in Lynchburg!

Walking into the room, the dresser/changing table is on the left (the green polka dots) and on the right is the closet, and the glider chair. 

 Latte' is already a little jealous of the attention she's not getting from us!

The closet that still needs to be organized! I finally finished making the curtains though! 

And the $10.00 dresser I got at a yard sale! It was super ugly before and a dark brown wood- a little spray paint and it's perfect! 

It's so much fun to see the room finally coming together! Walking by makes us so very excited!

In other news, we sold my first car, that old green Honda Accord I've been driving since I was 16.  A little bittersweet for sure, but it made room for the purchase on our new {to us} Honda Accord.  Slowly, things are getting all together for Emerson's arrival!

After getting locked out of the house- and watching Michael break in by removing our AC unit from the bedroom and climb in thanks to our neighbor's ladder, we ended our weekend with a lovely date night- trying to enjoy these last few days of it just being the two of us.  Steak dinner, Starbucks, AND cotton candy ice cream from Cold Stone.

Oh- and Christmas music.  New Michael Buble' Christmas AND Zoey Deschanel.

Success of a weekend if you ask me! :D

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Unknown said...

The nursery looks fabulous! And I love the refinished dresser. Those are always the best finds!