September 02, 2011

christmas in july

Another post from Bethy's visit!  I'm really trying to get caught up, but I'm also in the middle of finishing up school with 2 classes online, feeling exhausted constantly, work, trying to keep the house up, and all the other stuff going on, sadly, the blog isn't getting the attention I would like it to.  

It just so happened that Beth's visit fell on July 25th... also known as Christmas in July.  It's also true that we will do almost anything to get something for free (yes, we dressed up as cow's for free chick-fil-a). An amazing local ice cream shop called Mr. Goodies, had their own Christmas in July celebration- where they handed out free ice cream to anyone who dressed in Christmas attire.  My red and green options were limited thanks to my expanding middle, but I did find a Christmas bib, and borrowed some random Christmas-wear from Miranda. 

Mr and Mrs Clause showed up in their summer wear as well!

 Mr Goodies really is just a trailer in the middle of a run-down parking lot- but somehow it has that local charm- everyone loves it and there is always a line.  Pretty fun! :)

Beth's cutie socks!

 Michael even came after he got off work! And I had no idea I was so wrinkled! oops.

Randa, Beth, and Mike with their Christmas Ice Creams.  I got a smores' blizzard- just to be difficult ;)

Randa even bought Emerson a fun Christmas outfit and gave it to Michael. 

He's so excited for the real Christmas and our baby girl to wear this! :D 

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