May 10, 2011

very first!

I was totally spoiled on my very first mothers day! Michael woke me up with a breakfast of fresh strawberries, and french toast in bed.  

I then got 2 cards- one from Michael that was super sweet, and another from our babies.  Yes, Latte', Linus, and Baby all signed my card for Mother's Day! 

 We went shopping and ran some errands, and Michael let me pick out my Mother's Day present from a few different options.  I chose...

A mini Keurig! I love it because it doesn't take up any space on my counters, and makes my morning cup of coffee super easy- and not to mention yummy!

We had a romantic lunch of hot dogs{fully cooked- don't worry} and slurpees at Sam's Club! More shopping around town, then met up with Miranda for some fried pickles and boneless wings at Buffalo Wild Wings.  They even made me a virgin mojito- pretty yummy! 

We saw 'Water for Elephants' at the real theatre. I read the book earlier last week and have been wanting to see it- and Michael even came with me.  Pretty good movie- the book is always better. 

So that was my Mother's Day! It was great, and something that Michael will have to beat next year when our little one is actually here! :)

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Lyryn said...

What a great mothers day! So glad this day was special for you!!!