May 09, 2011

the good stuff

I know you guys want to get to the good stuff now that the news is officially out! Our immediate family and close friends have known the news, and we sent those fun little cards out to let our extended family know! It was so fun to get everyone's calls and texts so excited for us! 

I took a pregnancy test on Monday, March 14th because I had been feeling a little 'off' all weekend.  I wasn't thinking too much of it at the time- just thought I would take it to get the idea out of my head.  I took the test while I was getting ready for work, so around 6:30am! When I looked over and saw that the test was positive- I was shocked.  It really wasn't sinking in! 

I was so shocked that I walked into our bedroom, where Michael was still sleeping and said "BABE WE NEED TO TALK!" {ha, he later tells me that he thought I was yelling at him for something} He didn't really respond so I just blurted out, "I'M PREGNANT!" haha just thinking about that morning makes me laugh so much.  What a way to wake up! He sort of stirred a little, but was still in his sleep stupor- NOT the reaction I was wanting- I think next I said, "honey, is that okay...?" To which he rolled over, looked at me and said, 'of course it is- i just need to wake up first."  I continued to get through my day at work, I have no idea how.  All I thought about was the idea of being pregnant.  So crazy.  We then went a bought a more expensive pregnancy test just to be sure! That evening, we took some pictures- I wanted to make sure we documented one of the biggest events that will ever happen in our lives! 

We kept it pretty quiet after that second test, and we talked a ton about how we would tell our families and when.  We had quite a few filled weekends, with school, Michael's schedule, etc.  We talked about telling them on Mother's Day- but didn't know if we could make it that long.  When Michael's Nanny died, it present itself with an opportunity to share the news with our family, even though we were all upset about Nanny.  Work allowed us to take 3 bereavement days, so we were able to be home for an extended weekend with our families.  

We told our families by setting my camera up for a quickly family photo.  This was really easy to talk my family into, my Mom loves family pictures! 

Set the camera up, "1-2-3 say cheese!"

Oh, I'm cutting Michael's head off a little, let's take one more... 

1-2-3- say 'Ashley's pregnant!' Everyone said, "Ashley's pregnant" and THEN it hit them what they just said... here are the picture results...

A little blurry, but still so fun! 

We did the same thing for Michael's family, not as easy to get everyone to show up, and we had to get Mike's Mom out of bed.  His sister, Amber and her husband, Mike were there, Mike's parents, his brother and his wife, Sarah, their 3 kids: Lennon, Laina, and Garrett, and Cj, with his new puppy, Peyton.  

Everyone was really excited, and it's been tough keeping everyone quiet! I wanted to wait until I was at least 12 weeks before breaking the news to everyone! We have had one doctors appointment, the first time we got to see the little one! So very neat.  And really really tiny!! 

The head is on the left and the body is on the right... i think ;)

I am finally feeling better and more like my old self! And now that everyone knows and the news is officially out, we are loving it more and more! Last week, we sent out the cards below to all of our friends and family that live far away from us.  

Yesterday, we made the 'official' facebook announcement! So fun to see everyone's reactions and feel everyone's love and support! 

Phew, I think that is everything and we are finally caught up! We celebrated my very first Mother's Day yesterday! So very exciting! Michael totally spoiled me... I'll post about all the days events later! :)


No Model Lady said...

Love the auto-timer idea!! SO sweet that you have their reactions documented! Might I add that you and your hubby make a lovely couple? Makes me excited to see that baby!

The Bonjour Four said...

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im so happy for you!!! congratuations to you and your hubby!! aaaawwww