December 08, 2010

silver, blue and red

I love our tree this year.  love it.  it's perfect... well now that we've cut a few inches off the tops and bottoms so it will fit in our house, yes now it is perfect!

We used to go out to a Christmas Tree Farm about thirty minutes from here and get our tree, but last year we found this little place that we love.  They drive out to Lynchburg from Maine every year for November and December and sell trees! 

I forgot my camera when we went out to pick out our tree- plus it was so cold, I just wanted to pick one and leave! Luckily, husband is better at bearing the cold and he looked at each one until he found the. one.

We got it onto the car, and drove home to finish decorating! 

When we got the tree into the house and stood it up, it was too tall by quite a few inches- and that was before we even had it lifted up and in the stand! 

Out came the hand saw {good thing we had one of these from building the fence!} We cut off a few inches from the bottom, then a few of the super tall branches from the top. 

I put a 'light limit' on the tree- Michael has a history of going just a little overboard with how many lights he puts up :)

It still looks amazing.  I chose the same light blue and silver ornaments we've done for the past 2 years, but this year added some bright red.  It really made the tree pop and I love it.  I love coming home and plugging the tree in each night! 

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