December 07, 2010

playing catch up

I finally got these pictures from our Thanksgiving uploaded! When Michael and I moved out to Lynchburg, we started our own tradition of having our second family over for Thanksgiving dinner instead of taking the hassle to pack up and go home.  It started off fairly small, but this year we had ten people over to our house! 

Let me start from the beginning of our tradition- the night before Thanksgiving.  I get started on a few things that take a while to bake and cool down, this year that was this pumpkin cream pie: So yummy! I also got started on our breakfast for the next morning.  

While things cool off, we eat an easy dinner- something that doesn't require dishes- or cooking.  This year it was Japanese food and paper plates!

After dinner, we hung out and watched a Christmas movie! We love the movie Elf in our house- so we snuggled up! 

Thanksgiving Morning is full of traditions as well! We wake up, and eat breakfast together while watching the Macy's Day Parade.  This year, breakfast was French Toast Bake.  Super easy, make the night before dish!

Just looking at these pictures again is making me hungry again! :) I really gotta start eating breakfast before work!

Thanksgiving Day was a blur, so I was only able to snag a few pictures... of the food. There was so much amazing food! 

I didn't get any pictures of the table, or anyone that attended! Sad day! Next year, I'll have to assign photo duty to someone who is not cooking :)

We then got up EARLY {ahem, 3 am!} on Friday to go shopping! We hit up Target as soon as it opened- 4am.  We then went to Best Buy, Kohl's and the Mall.  We ended our day with a trip to Lynchburg's Candle Factory! Successful Day indeed!

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