November 02, 2010

we had a small party at work, and all of us girls matched our outfits.  alone, no one really understood what I was...

But together- it made much more sense!  

{Our dept is called LUOA- so that's why we are the CrayLUOA crayons!}

we had a small party... but LOTS of food! 
I made an apple pie:

Someone brought in some taco soup: 
 Plus tons more: pumpkin dump cake, muffins, cupcakes, apple cider.  Yeah- we love our parties!

 Then Sunday, we worked on the fence ALL day! {Much more progress! We are hoping to be done this weekend!!!}

We continued our Halloween traditions: 
Passing out candy to the little kiddos {we actually had a lot of kids show up this year!!} and enjoying Charlie Brown, "the great pumpkin." 

We ran out of candy at first so I had to run and get some more! We have a lot leftover... which is always fun!

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