August 11, 2010

Last Rodeo

I'm finally getting to upload some of the pictures from last weekend, our round 2 trip up to Washington D.C. If you remember from our first trip, it didn't go too well! My Air Conditioning stopped working in Terra, I got not one, but TWO tickets, and the concert was postponed! We were able to go sight seeing and hang out, which was fun, but the weekend was still a little bit of a bummer.  

So this weekend, Miranda came with me again, and the AC was magically working again- always a good thing :) Also, we got no tickets- and the concert was still one! I have quite the picture load from this trip, so I will do some editing for my postings and split them up!

First up, the concert! This actually was the last thing that we did for the weekend, but oh well! We can just go backwards in postings! 

 First off, how AMAZING was the sky! Love it- I took about a million pictures of the beautiful sky! Plus, this picture shows how many people were there! It was supposed to rain, and Miranda and I both dressed in sundresses for the concert! We ate dinner and it got super cold! Good thing we had our suitcases in the car with us.  We did a little switch-a-roo in the backseat and changed into jeans! The night actually got better as we sat out there! Loved it! 

Gary Allen opened for Brooks and Dunn- he did a great job! His last song, he brought his dog out on stage with him! So cute! I forgot to bring my bigger camera lenses, so I just have these pictures of the screens.  

Some pictures of us, of course are always fun! 

(You can tell by my very wrinkled shirt that I pulled it out of my suitcase! Oopsie!)

I know you guys don't want to see a million pictures of a stage, so here's one! Just one- aren't you proud of my editing!!

We had a great time, Brooks and Dunn were both very entertaining, and they are wonderful artists.  There is something amazing about being in a crowd that large and everyone knowing every single song the artists played.  I'm a little sad that this is their farewell tour, I would love to go to more of their concerts!

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