August 14, 2010

I can't help it! When it comes to something like baseball, it just does not interest me.  I like going to games, but watching these things on tv... I have so many other better things to watch! Yes, like the Bachelor Pad!  Don't judge!

Miranda and Meredith talked me into going to a Washington Nationals Game while we were in DC.  They were playing the Phillies, which just happens to be Miranda's favorite team.

  I didn't want to pay the $40.00 in order to go to this game, so we found much cheaper tickets...$10.00 tickets to be exact.  Yes, we were REALLY REALLY REALLY high up! 

 See that, there are 2 rows behind us! That's it- just 2 rows!

Even though I don't love baseball, the game was fun, and I'm glad that the Nationals won.  There's something about Pennsylvania teams that I hate.  

We ended up having a lot of fun! Now, if you were asking me to watch this game on tv, yeah that wouldn't happen ;)

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